Grigory Kalinovsky





“Violinist Grigory Kalinovsky leaps over the interpretative obstacles, finding the heart and indomitable will in both scores…”

“…one of the best – vigorous, searing with intensity, and meticulously accurate.”

“…an intelligent, probing violinist… Kalinovsky has the full measure of this music, easily shifting from lyricism to playfulness to tragedy.”

The Strad
“Kalinovsky and pianist Tatiana Goncharova are both attuned to the parodic undertones of the Preludes… The players also prove fully adept in the more shadowy aspects of the sonata, where the humour is more darkly shaded and subtly chiselled.”

International Record Review
“…Kalinovsky and Goncharova play with an emotional intensity which their distinguished Russian predecessors, for all their overwhelming mastery, don’t always match.”

American Record Guide
“Kalinovsky and Goncharova obviously savour these delightful vignettes and play them for all they are worth.

The Vancouver Sun
“This in all ways generous disc spans the career of Dmitri Shostakovich in polarities… I consider it a must-have, both for containing some of Shostakovich’s most beautiful lesser known music, and for the fact that you could hardly expect to hear it more rapturously performed than by these two young Russian-born artists. In a bygone concert and as an encore, Maxim Vengerov gave us a tantalizing preview of the Preludes… Kalinovsky is in no way inferior and in some ways the superior poet: a Lensky to Vengerov’s Onegin. Highly recommended. (5 stars)”

Audiophile Auditions
“Kalinovsky makes the violin glissandos spit and fume and the piano accompaniment is wondrously grotesque… This worthy disk should keep you amused for hours.”

DSCH Journal
“…a whirlwind performance…as dazzling a display as one might imagine… Kalinovsky’s style throughout is bold and colourful…”

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